Mindful Fundamentals

A course to bring movement and mindfulness into the classroom

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Team Yoga Foster
Team Yoga Foster

Hi everyone! We're Team Yoga Foster, a diverse group of educators, yoga instructors, psychologists and other experts in the fields of yoga, mindfulness and education. Together, we've curated this experience for you, and you'll see each of us pop up within the training to provide more context. To contact any of us with details, email us at [email protected].

Melissa is Yoga Foster's Director of Programming, and is a current yoga instructor in schools. Melissa strongly believes in adapting yoga to the individual and their environment, so that it can be a normalized part of their day and feel really accessible.

Emily is a Yoga Foster Guide, Yoga Foster program participant, and educator. After integrating yoga and mindfulness in her classroom, she completed her 200-hr certificate. She's actively teaching in the classroom and creating curriculum for other educators to use.

Nicole is the founder and Executive Director of Yoga Foster. After years working as a yoga instructor in schools, she left to create this organization and serve other educators to do the same. She's passionate about using yoga and mindfulness to help students and teachers heal.

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Yoga Foster Lesson Plans
Monthly lesson plans, worksheets, mindfulness recordings and playlists for you and your students.
Team Yoga Foster

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"I believe the Yoga Foster curriculum helped me find a way to help my students better transition from school day routines as well as give them beneficial brain breaks. These brain breaks help improve their anxious moments, it helped bring them back from learning overload and it help them resolve conflict and stay in a healthy place."

"I am truly grateful for this opportunity there are only so many activities that you can do with your students that won't interfere with quality learning time. The yoga bursts were wonderful for quick transitions from one content subject to the next. The activities helped support their social skills and most importantly they gained a sense of importance to their mental and body well being."

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