Yoga Foster Fundamentals

A course to bring movement and mindfulness into the classroom

We give you the tools to bring secular yoga into your classroom. This self-paced training will prepare you with everything you need to start teaching 10-minute Yoga Bursts and full length yoga classes to your students. With videos, text, audio recordings, and interactive quizzes, we’ll walk you through the Yoga Foster Fundamentals, including:

  • Kids' yoga poses and breathing techniques
  • The foundations of mindfulness
  • Developmental stages of youth (and how to customize yoga accordingly)

We’re also committed to supporting your wellness; the training includes a unit on self-care and tips throughout on how to stay balanced as a teacher.

Our training and curriculum rely on ongoing research which shows that yoga has a positive impact on kids physically, mentally, and emotionally, helping classrooms thrive. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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Yoga Foster
Yoga Foster

The Yoga Foster team believes in empowering teachers to create healthier, happier classrooms. With our combined experience, we're here to support you throughout the journey! Learn more about us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a school teacher, but I've never practiced yoga before. Can I still participate?
Yes. We’re here to help you foster your own yoga and mindfulness practice as you extend it to your students. We do not require our teachers to have previous certification or experience.
Is yoga a religion? Are the Yoga Foster training and curriculum religious?
Yoga Foster teaches a completely secular practice of yoga. What does that mean? We do not include any religious or spiritual ideas, concepts, or principles in any of our training, resources, or curriculum. We use English names for all the exercises. Like running, soccer, gymnastics, or swimming, yoga can simply be a healthy way to move and connect with our body and breath – and that’s how we believe it should be used in the classroom.
I/my school can't afford Yoga Foster. Can I still participate?
We offer full and partial grants for teachers / schools for whom the full cost of programming is prohibitive. Eligibility requirements are as follows:
  • School must be a Title 1 public school with 70% or higher free/reduced lunch rate
  • Grades taught must be between Pre-K to 5th grade
  • Teacher must be a primary teacher, ELL teacher, special education or PE teacher
  • School must be based in the U.S.
  • Teacher must agree to submit regular feedback on the impact of the program
Group discounts are available for 10 or more teachers at the same school.

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"I believe the Yoga Foster curriculum helped me find a way to help my students better transition from school day routines as well as give them beneficial brain breaks. These brain breaks help improve their anxious moments, it helped bring them back from learning overload and it help them resolve conflict and stay in a healthy place."

"I am truly grateful for this opportunity there are only so many activities that you can do with your students that won't interfere with quality learning time. The yoga bursts were wonderful for quick transitions from one content subject to the next. The activities helped support their social skills and most importantly they gained a sense of importance to their mental and body well being."

NOTE: Enrollment in the Fundamentals course also includes curriculum, delivered monthly.

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